about the author

I am blonde. go figure with the page name.

I love to rant and rave. just wait for it to come…

I am an addict to fabulous food – I am sure my checking account and boyfriend wishes otherwise.

food is a repetitive topic for me. be prepared. get your note pads out. I have an obsession of eating divine food and I do not see it stopping anytime soon. the boyfriend will be an asset to help me with these stories – eating will always be our favorite pastime together. look for the list of spots I cannot recommend highly enough.

I like to talk about my adventures, typically in high heels (or barefoot).

be it travel (I do love the beach), hot spots to check out, hidden fashion gems,  the loving, good, bad, and ugly stories of characters I meet. I will try to have some order to my madness.

I will post up new photoshoots, with throwbacks to some of the past I have done. the oldies will always be goodies and the new will be just as fabulous for this next stage in my creative evolution. 

I was born an artist; I became a photographer by trade with a BA; I work in production/advertising; I still get seduced by the imagery in the glossy pages of magazines, and will always love the romance of Old Hollywood. how complicated can this get…

there is going to be drama. there will be times you love me, hate me, question me, maybe have a few choice words for me…

but life is crazy and this is the life of a blonde!

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raves. rants. food. adventures.